A Purgatory is a Lords Online game dungeon where heroes have solo adventures. Each Purgatory is rated to a certain hero level.

Purgatories contain treasure rated to their level. Each item of treasure will have a monster guarding it. Heroes can also do quests in purgatories. To obtain a quest, visit the NPC (non-player character). After a player has completed all the quests within a purgatory the game awards them with reputation point and fragments then the hero is placed outside of the Purgatory. (There can also be extra rewards based on the dungeon such as Perfect Gems and medals from a lvl 10 purgatory)

Completion Rewards Edit

lvl 1:
2 Reputation, 1 Topaz Shard, 1 Fragment

lvl 2:
6 Reputation, 2 Ruby Shards, 1 Fragment

lvl 3:
10 Reputation, 1 Topaz Shard, 1 Sapphire Shard 1, 1 Fragment

lvl 4:
16 Reputation, 1 Ruby Shard, 1 Topaz Shard, 1 Sapphire Shard, 1 Fragment

lvl 5:
76 Reputation, 1 Ruby, 2 Topaz, 1 Sapphire, 1 Inferior Speed Spell, 1 Fragment

lvl 6:
72 reputation, 1 Sapphire Necklace, 2 Sapphire, 1 Phys Attack Scroll Fragment, 1 Mag Attack Scroll Fragment, 1 Fragment

lvl 7:
88 Reputation, 1 Medal of Leadership, 1 Perfect Phys Defense Scroll, 1 Ruby, 1 Topaz, 1 Fragment

lvl 8:
88 Reputation, 1 Perfect Ruby, 1 Perfect Topaz, 1 Perfect Sapphire, 1 Perfect Mag Defense Scroll, 1 Fragment

lvl 9:
57 Reputation, 1 Perfect Ruby, 1 Small HP Potion, 1 Small HP Potion

lvl 10:
4 Perfect Rubies, 4 Perfect Saphires, 4 Perfect Topaz, Glory Medal, Sanctity Medal, 250 Reputation (only quest monsters are above level 1)

Note: these are the completion rewards which are normally given after finishing the very last floor. Some rewards such as in lvl 10 are split between the last 2 floors.

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